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Getting Started

Your first steps in Planet app for Shopify

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Welcome to the Planet family🎉

We've prepared a little guide to get you started with Planet! Enjoy reading!

How is the platform divided?

Planet is a platform composed of several screens from which you will be able to perform actions or consult information. The main elements of the tool are your products, on which all the functionality will be based. Here are the two ways to navigate through the different sections:

Header bar

When you enter Planet the first thing you will find is the blue top navigation bar from which you can perform different actions:

  1. Change store: you can see which store you are viewing and your role in it.

  2. Settings: access the settings screen to view/modify the default values of your account.

  3. Help: you can find quick links to help, news, propose changes or report errors.

  4. Account: allows you to see which account you are logged in with and to change the language or log out.

Side panel

On the left side is the navigation panel, from which you can access the main pages of the platform. Planet is divided into 3 main blocks:

  1. Home: panel with general information about the status of your actions on Planet and Analytics.

  2. Rules: this allows you to create and control automatic tasks to schedule discounts, product launches, widgets, and much more.

  3. Products: represent your entire catalog and you can make unit or bulk price changes.

Main pages


This section is the main page of Planet, where you will find a brief summary of your most important metrics for the last 7 days, as well as information about the status of your rules and the latest changes in the stores you are monitoring. At the bottom, you have access to quick links to help and documentation.


This feature allows you to automate discounts and price changes to save time and avoid errors. Program your discounts, so that price changes are made automatically in a determinate period, add or remove tags, configure the widgets, and much more.


This view represents your product catalog with information about their status, collections, and tags. You can access any product and see in detail its features.

Also, you can make instant manual changes to any of your products. You can filter by multiple fields to select the products you are interested in modifying. Update the price and compare at price in bulk.

💡 Still have questions?

Visit our help section or contact us by email or chat.

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