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How to remove a discount on Shopify?
How to remove a discount on Shopify?

To remove discounts on your store's products, with Planet you can do it in a few seconds from the price table by following these steps

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1. Access to the prices page

You can find this table by selecting "prices" in the side menu.

2.Click on "Edit prices".

In case you want to remove the discounts in the whole store, just select the "edit prices" button directly.

If you prefer to select the products manually or by advanced filters, you can click on "filters" or select the products and variants from the table.

3. Change the price of your products to the compare at price (previous to the discount).

On the right side of the screen, perform the bulk action of changing the price.

In this case, in the price change option, select the 3rd option: "Change to compared at price". In this way, your discounts will be reverted.

4. Apply the price change

To remove discounts from your products you must apply and accept the price change on the platform.

5. ¡Ready!

Wait for Planet to make the price change in bulk, you will be able to see the new price and compare at price in a few minutes.

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