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How to create a volume discount

Step-by-step guide to create a volume discount on Shopify with Planet

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Volume discounts will help you to free up stock in your eCommerce, reduce production and management costs per unit and increase the total sales of your eCommerce.

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to create and automate volume discounts in a few minutes with Planet.

The first step to creating a discount is to add a new rule. To do this, you must access the rules page and click on "add rule".

When you do this, a pop-up will appear with the available presets to create your rule. In this case, you should choose the "Volume discount" preset to create a volume discount.

Volume Discount Configuration

1. Products

To create a rule in any of the available templates, you must choose the products on promotion.

2. Actions

In this case, the only action required is to configure the volume discount.

This configuration includes:

  • Product combination: The discount will be applied to buying X units of the same item, variant, or buying X units of combined items of the selected products.

  • Quantity: the discount is applied for a minimum quantity (from 5 products) or a fixed quantity (buy exactly 10 units).

  • Discount options: we must select the quantity of products to apply the discount, the amount of discount, and the type of discount.

    Discount types:

    • Percentage discount: 10% discount when buying 2 units

    • Quantity discount: 10€ discount per unit, when buying 2 units

    • Fixed price per unit: 10€ each unit when buying 2 units

    • Total fixed price: 20€ total when buying 2 units

    • No discount: original price without additional discount

  • Cart & checkout label: name that appears in the cart for the discount applied.

  • Other discount combinations: This allows you to choose if you want to combine this discount with other product discounts and/or shipping discounts.

3. Widgets

It will be necessary to add the block for each widget in the Shopify theme to allow them to be displayed on the product page.

These are the available widgets in the volume discounts:

3.1 Banner on product page

Optionally, you can add a banner on your product page to inform your customers of the promotion.

Texts and appearance of this banner are customizable for each rule.

3.2 Volume discount selector on product page

Optionally, you can add a volume discount selector on your product page to show the discount on your products and variants and promote your product sales.

From Planet you will be able to configure and customize the following fields in each rule to adapt them to the style of your store:

General configuration

  1. Title (optional)

  2. Options: optionally, you can show the variant selector, show the quantity selector in the last option and show the out-of-stock label when a product is not available.

    Also, within these options, you can choose which type of compare at price to show:

    1. Do not show any compare at price.

    2. Show as compare at price the original price of the product.

    3. Show as compare at price the price before the volume discount.

  3. Option #1, #2, #3...: the text and the label included in each of the options can be customized independently. In addition, one of the options can be preselected by default to stand out from the rest.

  4. Buy button: you will be able to customize the text displayed on the buy button. Also, you will be able to hide the buy button from the widget to make it work with the buy button on your product page.

Remember that you can include variables within the text and labels to show the amount of discount, products or the price per unit in each option.


You will be able to edit the colors, font size and rounding of the different sections of the quantity selector to adapt the design 100% to your store.

In addition, you can add a background to the widget with custom color and border color.

CSS Custom

If you need to configure the styling beyond the fields available in the app, all widgets allow you to embed CSS code through the theme editor.

Click on the Planet - Quantity Selector block and in the left panel enter the CSS code you want to modify in the widget.

4. Schedule the rule

When you create the rule, the date of rule creation will be set as the default start date. You can edit the start date and optionally, add an end date or more schedules.

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