How to create a BOGO

A step-by-step guide to creating a Buy X get Y (BOGO) promotion on Shopify with Planet.

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The Buy X Get Y (BOGO) promotion is one of the most popular in eCommerce, as it allows stores to free up stock and increase the AOV.

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to create a BOGO with Planet to increase your eCommerce sales.

The first step to creating a BOGO is to add a new rule. To do this, you must access the rules page and click on the green "add rule" button.

When you do so, a pop-up will appear with the available templates to create your rule. In this case, to create the BOGO you must choose the template "Buy X Get Y (BOGO)".

BOGO promotion configuration

Once the rule has been created, the different parts of the rule must be configured:

1. Promotion details

In this section, you configure everything related to products, quantities to be purchased, rewards, and discount details.


The buying condition(s) refers to the conditions that must be met at the time of purchase for the discount to be applied:

  1. Quantity of products purchased: units that must be purchased to receive the reward.

  2. Selection of products to purchase: the minimum quantity must be purchased.

  3. Combination of products purchased (optional): when purchasing more than 1 product, the promotion can be configured to apply only when the units purchased are:

    1. Same product.

    2. Same variant.

    3. Different products.

If the checkbox is left unselected, the promotion will be applied whatever the combination of products purchased.

To include more than 1 purchase condition, you must click on the "add purchase condition" option.


In this case, we must configure the details of the reward(s) received:

  1. Quantity of products received: number of units received. Allows you to configure 3 options:

    1. Exactly: is received exactly the established amount.

    2. Minimum (from): received from the established amount.

    3. Maximum (up to): you receive up to and including the established amount.

  2. Selection of products to be received: you can choose to receive the products in two ways:

    1. Same selection: the product selection of the condition is used. If there is more than one purchase condition, this option will be disabled and another selection must be chosen.

    2. Other selection: other products can be selected.

  3. The product purchased and the product rewarded must be the same (optional): this option is only available when it is the same selection. When selecting this option, you can choose between:

    1. Same product purchased: the discount will only be applied when the product purchased and the product received are the same.

      This option is especially useful for the 50% second unit promotion.

    2. Same variant purchased: will only apply the discount when the variant purchased and the variant received are the same.

  4. Combination of products received (optional): when receiving more than 1 product, the promotion can be configured to apply only when the units received are:

    1. Same product.

    2. Same variant.

    3. Different products.

You can add another reward with different product selection and configuration by clicking on "add reward".


In this section, we must configure the type of discount to be applied to the reward/s. These are the available options:

  1. Free: 100% discount on the product received.

  2. Percentage discount per unit

  3. Fixed amount per unit: discounts a fixed amount for each unit.

  4. Fixed price per unit: set a fixed price per unit.

  5. No discount: this option is recommended to add the widget in your eCommerce without any promotion.

Maximum uses of the discount

Optionally you can limit the number of times the discount is applied.

Cart & checkout label

Optionally we can edit the name that appears in the cart in the discount applied.


Allows you to choose if you want to combine this discount with other order, product and/or shipping discounts.

2. Widgets

It will be necessary to add the block for each widget in the Shopify theme to allow them to be displayed on the product page.

These are the widgets allowed for the BOGO promotion:

3.1 Banner on product page

Optionally, you can add a banner on your product page to inform your customers of the promotion.

Texts and appearance of this banner are customizable for each rule.

2.2 BOGO on product page

Optionally, you can add a BOGO widget on your product page to show the promotion to your customers and encourage the sale of more products.

From Planet you will be able to configure and customize the following fields in each rule to adapt them to the style of your store:

General configuration

  • Título (optional)

  • Options: optionally, you can show the variant selector, redirect to the product page from the widget, and show the checkbox on the products.

  • Products: optionally you can include a label with the discount variable in the products and choose which compare at price shown.

  • Total: refers to the total price of the products purchased with the promotion and allows you to edit the text displayed.

  • Buy button: you will be able to customize the text displayed on the buy button.


You will be able to edit the colors, font size and rounding of the different sections of the BOGO to adapt the design 100% to your store.

To further customize the widget, you can optionally add a background and set the height and width of the images.

CSS Custom

If you need to configure the styling beyond the fields available in the app, all widgets allow you to embed CSS code through the theme editor.

Click on the Planet - BOGO block and in the right panel enter the CSS code you want to modify in the widget.

3. Schedule the rule

When you create the rule, the date of rule creation will be set as the default start date. You can edit the start date and optionally, add an end date or more schedules.

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