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What's the compare at price?
What's the compare at price?

When you set a compare at price, the product shows that the item is on sale.

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What's the compare at price?

In Shopify, compare at price refers to the crossed value next to the price. This way you can show what the price of the product was before the discount was made.

How to add/remove compare at price with Planet

To edit the compare at price from Planet, go to the product section of the side menu. From this section, you can manage the prices of your eCommerce, individually or in bulk.

When you edit prices, you can choose to make changes in compare at price using these 5 options:

  • Increase the compare at price in percentage or quantity and based on the current price or the compare at price.

  • Reduce the compare at price in percentage or quantity based on the current price or the compare at price.

  • Set a new compare at price.

  • Remove the compare at price. It is to remove the discount.

  • Change to the current price. It is to remove the discount.

These changes cannot be scheduled as they are applied immediately and cannot be reversed. For temporary price changes, you can use the discount rules.

If you want to know more about how works Planet's product table, you can take a look at step-by-step guide.

Benefits of Compare at Price on Shopify

Compare at price helps to increase your conversion rate thanks to visual communication, since users will easily perceive what is the discount of the item.

To do this, it is important to clearly distinguish what is compare at price, using graphic elements or different typography, size and color.

The main advantages of compare at price are to increase product sales and increase the value of the average ticket, because knowing the amount of money saved will motivate users to make a purchase in your eCommerce to benefit from the discount and, in addition, will increase the number of items purchased to take advantage of this "opportunity" to buy.

It is important to remember that the excessive use of this function can have negative consequences, since users may perceive that your products have a lower value or that the discounts are not real. In addition, there may be a tendency to purchase products in your eCommerce only when they are discounted.

Therefore, in order to benefit from the advantages of compare at price, it is important to employ this strategy in a planned manner and during specific periods.

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