How to create a bundle

We show you how to configure a bundle step by step.

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A bundle discount is a promotion that consists of buying products together to get a discount. Adding bundles to your Shopify store, you will be able to increase your conversions, increase your AOV, eliminate overstock, sell related products, etc.

In this step-by-step guide, we explain how to create bundles in a few minutes with Planet.

Create a rule

The first step to creating a bundle is to add a new rule. To do this, you must access the rules page and click on "add a new rule".

When you do this, a pop-up will appear with the available presets. In this case, you have to choose the preset: Bundle | Buy A + B Get %.

Configure your rule

1. Select the products

There are 3 ways to select the products to create a rule in any of the available presets:

1. Single products

Choose the products manually by clicking on the checkbox located to the left of each row of the table. You can filter the products to find them more easily, but remember, in manual mode, you have to select those you want to include, the filtering of products does not select them automatically, for this, it is recommended to use the second option: advanced filters.

2. Advanced filters

The second product selection option is done through a filter. If, for example, you want to select the products that have a tag and/or are in a specific collection, you only have to add this condition and all the resulting products will automatically be affected. If you modify the tags or products in a collection, the rule will be updated to apply the changes.

If you choose advanced filters, you can select products by tag or collection.

3. Whole store

As a last option, you can choose the whole store, which will allow you to apply the actions to all the current and new products that you create because the rule will be updated and will detect them automatically.

2. Discount settings


To configure the discount, it is necessary to select the number of units that the customer has to purchase to apply the discount. More than x units or exact units.

There are 3 types of discounts:

  • Fix price discount ($5 off)

  • Percentage discount (15% off)

  • Fixed price per unit (each unit $10)

Finally, you can select that the discount will only be applied when the products are different, and the number of times the discount can be applied.

Cart & checkout label (optional)

Cart & checkout label text.

Other discount combinations

You can select whether this discount can be combined with:

  • Other order discounts

  • Other product discounts

  • Shipping discounts

3. Schedule the rule

When you create the rule, the date of rule creation will be set as the default start date. You can edit the start date with the day and time as shown below.

The end date is optional, if not defined the rule will be active until it is manually deactivated or when an end date is added. In addition, you can include more than one period for your rule.

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